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Our Contributors

We are proud to collaborate with an excellent team of board certified physicians in multiple specialties to create QOD. The team is truly multinational and multidisciplinary and we appreciate the opportunity to work with each and very one of the team members.

Nandakumar Vittal
Nandakumar Vittal
Neurology Nashville, TN
Dr Shilpi Mittal
Dr Shilpi Mittal
Co Editor; Neurology Assistant Professor Clinical Neurology Nashville, TN
Amanda Peacock
Amanda Peacock
Co Editor: Nurse Practitioner and PA's Assistant Professor Loyola University, Chicago
John Meyer
Contributor Pediatric Anesthesiology, Charlotte, NC
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Sinead O’Holloran
Critical Care Pharmacist London UK
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Megan Henley
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Winston Salem, NC
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Amir Arain
Professor Neurology Salt Lake City, UT
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Sancho Rodriguez-Villar
Consultant Intensivist & CoEditor Critical Care 1.0 London UK
Mehr Stephanie
Stephanie Mehr
Co Editor for Nurse Practioners and PA’s
Nahel Saied
Professor Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Little Rock, AR
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Riad Lutfi
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children. Greater Indianapolis
Shuchita Garg
Associate Professor Anesthesiology Cincinnati, OH
Avinash B Kumar
Professor Anesthesiology & Critical Care
Co Editor: Anesthesiology & Critical Care
lucy brunker
Lucy Brunker
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Nashville, TN
Statzer Nicholas
Nick Statzer
Assistant Professor Anesthesiology Nashville, TN
Crawford headshot
Lane Crawford
Assistant Professor Anesthesiology Nashville,TN
Jeffrey Clemmons
Jeffery Clemmons
MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology Nashville, TN
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Larry Morgan
Neurointensivist Michigan USA
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Kunal Karamchandhani
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology Hershey PA
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Joan King
ACNP Nashville TN
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Michael Singleton
Assistant Professor. Anesthesiology & Intensive Care New York
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Christina Boncyk
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Nashville TN
Weal Ayoub
Intensivist London UK
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Nancy Hart
Pharmacist Nashville TN
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Tejas Bhari
Consultant Anesthesiologist UK
new team
Anurag Tiwari
Neuromonitoring Cincinnati OH
new team
Avinash B Kumar
Professor Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine Nashville TN
new team
Derek Wood
Consultant Neurologist. Nashville, TN
new team
William Ma
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Indiana
new team
Sundar Krishnan
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Iowa City IA
Nabil Azar
Consultant Neurologist Austin TX
new team
Vik Bansal
Assistant Professor Anesthesiology Nashville TN